21 Days to a Healthier Me

Turning 50 Never Felt So Good

As many of you know, I am the Monday morning diet guru. I’ve tried every diet, read numerous health books, listened to dozens of podcasts, bought every exercise gadget and yet have only watched the scale increase year over year. Why? Well not because they didn’t work, but because I quit every Tuesday. So in only a few short weeks I will turn 50. I always promised myself that I would not only look great at 50, but I would feel my best. So I have decided to turn these next 21 days into a ‘powerhouse’ health and wellness plan. I will put the best of what I have learned into these next 21 days, by following a raw food diet, meditation, beauty tips, exercise and vitamin supplementation to turn my health around in 21 days. The pictures below are of me today, the epitome of chunky and 30+ pounds overweight… What happened? I not only gained the pre-menopausal weight, but a few extra pounds and a list of excuses that grew year over year. The funny thing is, that I worked in a health club for 20 years, and was certified as a personal trainer. But somehow throughout the years, I failed myself… ugh! But after looking at these pictures, I finally realize that it is time to get ME back. So follow along with me for the next 21 days, and watch me transform 50 into the new 30.

Today, I am weighing in at a whopping XXX pounds of pure LOVE, and I will begin today with a lemon water cleanse to officially detox this body. This will be my regimen today.

  • MORNING – 20 Oz. of Water, 2 scoops of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, and 1 Nuun Immune booster tablet.
  • THROUGHOUT THE DAY – 100oz of lemon water
  • TEA – 3 cups of plain green tea
  • SKIN – apply coconut oil before bed as a moisturizer on my body.
  • VITAMINS – Spectraspray B12 500mcg, SpectraSpray D3 5000iu, Magnesium 400 mg, Turmeric 450mg, Vitamin C 500 mg, probiotics
  • FOOD – cucumbers, celery ONLY
  • MEDITATION – Morning Meditation Today – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BgQoaC5vnA
  • MEDITATION – Evening Meditation Today – https://youtu.be/7JBh0b1YM7s
  • Exercise – 30 minutes treadmill, 30 squats, 30 crunches, 30 lunges (15 each leg), 30 jumping jacks, plus a 15 minute yoga routine.

Remember Day 1 is a cleanse, so food will be minimal. This is a raw food journey, with cleanses throughout.

Lesson #1 – Why lemon water. Today I will help you understand why we should be drinking lemon water for the ultimate cleanse. Lemon water promotes healthy hydration, increases your vitamin C intake, aids in weight loss, increases your skins elasticity, helps with digestion, freshens breathe and promotes a healthy gut. NOTE: many of our health issues begin in the gut, so clean it. Throughout this journey, I will help you understand the importance of a healthy gut, and how we can heal it naturally. Oh, and for those of you who don’t know me, I prefer natural remedies over medication – every time! In fact, I despise any prescribed medication. But I am not a doctor, and this information should not be used as medical advice, this is only my journey with a few small tips.

This is me today – down 15 pounds since the above pictures and I feel great!

July 2021 – The picture above is me – 15 pounds down. Of course, I have more to go, but I have made it a lifestyle not a diet. Of course, I have cheat days but they are much farther apart then in the past. I still have 20 more to go, but I sure feel good. Today, I follow a clean diet M- F, and cheat a bit on the weekends. Follow My Blog for updates.

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