Finding Happiness

Don’t we all want to find that perfect balance of happiness in life? So often we walk through life with no direction, no guidance, and no support. I enjoy helping others from all walks of life, whether it be personal, business, or holistic support. Many have found my inspirational blog as a useful tool to help guide them on this journey we call life. Others have reached out because they need help marketing their business on a shoestring budget. And yet others have found joy reading my first book, as I published a chapter for free every day online. God gave us this great life, so I enjoy helping others achieve the happiness He so wants us to live. #GodisGoodAlltheTime

Life is a Blessing

The last month has been tough on many of us in my family. We’ve experienced grief that has never been witnessed before, at least not in my family. We lost a friend, a young friend, my nephew’s best friend, and our extended family member. We vacationed together, celebrated together, and certainly enjoyed God’s greatest gifts […]

Change It Up

I was listening to a podcast yesterday by Denzel Washington, who inspires both the young and old. He said, “to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.” That one line had such an impact on me, it was like a light bulb went off

A Christian Perspective of of Buddha

When Buddha spent those 40 days under that Bodhi Tree, he considered ‘All that is and All that will be’. He focused on the oneness with the universe. I take this to be the oneness with God.

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