Never Filter Kindness

It is so important to remember that we should never filter kindness. For over 20 years, I have worked in many various sales roles. The one thing that I always found perplexing was when calling a potential client, and the receptionist answering the call would treat me like a subclass human.

Here is an example, “Hi, this is Michele from XYZ company, may I speak to Mr. Smith?” I said. “What is this in reference too? ” She asked. “I am simply calling to introduce my firm, as we may be able to help him with……”. And before allowing me to finish my sentence, she replied, “No, he’s not interested” and hung up the phone.” I would think to myself, how does she know he’s not interested, she didn’t even ask him. I’m sure he would get numerous sales calls per day, and her job was to funnel those calls. But was she also disciplined to hold back kindness? How hard would it have been for her to say, “Thank you so much for calling Michele, that sounds like something Mr. Smith could find useful. Let me take your number, and if he is interested, he will certainly call you back.”. That would have made me feel valuable, and I am sure it would have made her enjoy her job. The moral here is she was filtering her kindness because, in her mind, I was an annoying sales rep, rather than just a person. I could have chosen to reply to her with a snarky comment, but what good would come from that? None!

So after this one particular phone call and a what I like to call an epiphany; I began to change my tone. It appears that my tone, may have set her off. I was coming across with a powerful, Zeus like approach, rather than one of kindness. I truly believe that my energy was the reason, she hung up. For so many years, I always had great sales numbers and exceeded all of my goals, but for some reason I was hitting the slump. I was getting frustrated with sales, networking, people and my job. I was emitting this negative, unkind energy daily. It was coming across over the phone and in my life, hence causing others to feel that. I was losing! I evaluated my mind, body and spirit connection and felt the disconnect. Wham! That was it.

I changed my mind frame, practiced mindfulness meditation in the morning and asked God to help guide me in the right direction. He did! I opened the bible to this scripture.

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.

Romans 12:10

Remember, those that filter kindness also suppresses kindness in return. If you want people to be kind to you, you have to be kind to them. This simple concept is how the law of attraction works. When you feel kind, your energy emits kindness, and kindness will be rewarded (in time). It’s just the way it works. But if you choose only to be kind to some and not others, be prepared for the same response. At that moment, I lifted my kindness filter and a world of unlimited possibilities was visible. I began making the phone calls with kindness and love, and you know what? I enjoyed making the phone calls and connecting with people again. Kindness Really Matters!

Another kindness filter that I often see is in sports with a direct target on the referee. If that referee on the field makes one lousy call against your team, parents immediately turn off kindness. “How’d you miss that foul? That was a push! What was that call?” These are some of the words that you hear on the field. But for some reason, when that ref misses a foul against your team, the harsh words are held back. We need to remember that the refs cannot see every little thing on that field, but they are doing their absolute best to control the game. So next time you go to your child’s game, say hello to the refs and only shout words of kindness. Forget the bad-mouthing, let the coach address the call at the appropriate time. Be a parent and enjoy the game. Notice the outstanding athletes, coaches, and referees on both sides of that field. They are all there to do the same thing – enjoy the love of the sport. Remember, we are all children of God. Remove the filter and only let kindness pour out of your heart.

Treat the janitor like the CEO, the salesman like the pastor and the homeless like your friends. Open your heart, be kind to all, and let your energy flow. Practice kindness daily; it will become a habit.

Remove your kindness filter, and open up a world of new possibilities across every area of your life.

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