When Life Hands You Lemons….

“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” We all encounter lemons or difficult times in our lives, but rather than allowing that misfortune to consume us in depression, anger, and sadness; we should make it our moment to add the sugar. Always turn what may be a negative, into a positive.

Have you ever lost a job and thought to yourself, “how will I pay my bills”? You immediately feel the worst rather than taking it as a moment to move forward. Many times God sees us in a position of stagnancy and wants us to do better. Of course, no one wants to lose their job, but how many of you lost a career in the past only to find a better one?

Did you ever go to the doctor’s office and get a negative blood work report? When the doctor sits you down in the office and says, “Mr. X, you have high cholesterol.” Once again, you immediately receive the lemons, tense up, get scared, and think you are going to have a heart attack. But rather than making that diagnosis a lemon, turn it into lemonade. Rather than fighting the symptoms with statin meds (Cholesterol drugs), make it your moment to change your diet and live a life of wellness. Start eating right, exercising, and making better choices. Maybe that was your call to help others fight the adverse effects of high cholesterol with healthier food choices.

Many times life gives us lemons, that we cannot possibly turn into lemonade, like the death of a loved one. But the reality is – you can! But it may take a little longer. A good friend of mine lost a parent to Alzheimer’s and started a foundation to help those with Alzheimer’s disease. The death of her mom is assisting others in fighting the adverse effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Did your child ever get cut from a team because they weren’t good enough? Then maybe they need to try harder, practice more, and give it 100% every time. The more practice, the better they will become. Getting cut from a team is a lemon, but the growth and understanding that comes from being cut will only make them better. We need to teach our kids that life is what they put into it, and nothing is impossible – with persistence. Getting cut from a team is devastating, but the lemonade that will be created from practice, training, and perseverance will make a stronger player in the end.

Maybe you found out that your innocent child is doing drugs. Turn that lemon into lemonade. It may be time to start having open conversations with your kids. Listen to them; hear what they are saying. Today’s world is very different than when we grew up. Our kids need us more than ever. We need to be there for them, we need to listen to them, and we need to let them know that our love is unconditional.

Sometimes we don’t know why God throws us lemons, but when he does -make lemonade – every time!

I truly find that a morning prayer, time spent with God and mindfulness meditation helps me understand life’s lessons a little better. I may not always love lemons, but I sure do love lemonade. Remember our life is what we make it, so when handed a lemon – make lemonade!

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