Day 10: The Gift of Music

Day 10: The Gift of Music

The gift of music is one of the most fun gifts to give others. Music is such a simple gift, yet so beautifully orchestrated to provide us with the perfect mood.

When you watch movies, the music is set to provide the mood. When the Hallmark cowboy kisses the the beautiful lonely New York gal, the joyful Christmas music is played. When she cries, the music is melancholy. Music has the ability to stir up feelings in others. So today, give the gift of music that stimulates happy feelings.

The other day, a good friend of mine simply said, “is there anything more beautiful than listening to Canon in D?” So at that moment, I listened to Canon in D and you know what – he was right. But more importantly it was a gift. That wondrous song put me in the Christmas spirit instantaneously. So thank you.

So here is my gift to you…

Enjoy the Christmas season, sing cheerful praises and give thanks to God.





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