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  • Life is a Blessing

    Life is a Blessing

    The last month has been tough on many of us in my family. We’ve experienced grief that has never been witnessed before, at least not in my family. We lost a friend, a young friend, my nephew’s best friend, and our extended family member. We vacationed together, celebrated together, and certainly enjoyed God’s greatest gifts…

  • God Does Not Close Doors By Accident

    God Does Not Close Doors By Accident

    As I drive in my car, I find myself listening to podcasts, youtube or audible books regularly. This morning I turned on Joel Olsteen, who said: “God does not close doors by accident; He does it to prepare you for what is next” Joel Olsteen This statement is so profound and should be a prayer…

  • The Priority: Chapter 1 -2

    The Priority: Chapter 1 -2

    A wealthy family living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan understands all too well the stresses of work pressures, rotating nannies, and the finest name-brand goods.  Until one day, Bethany finds herself caught up in an affair that costs her a high-paying job and almost her family.  That is when life took a turn…

  • Dream Big Dreams

    Dream Big Dreams

    Dream big dreams and make them happen. Do you often find yourself wanting something, that you could never have? Who says you can’t have it? Don’t be your own dream squasher, live the dream. This is where I should tell you to make a dream board, but I’m not going to do that. I am…

  • The Blessing of a Voice

    The Blessing of a Voice

    Wow, the power of a voice, can be a such a blessing. We often use our voices for gossip, cuss words, and not-so-nice chatter, but what we should really be using it for, is to spread love. The bible says in Ephesians 4:29, “let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such…

  • Tackle Every Storm, Like a Sun Shower

    Tackle Every Storm, Like a Sun Shower

    Everyone encounters storms in their life, some may be hurricanes, others tropical storms and others six ft. blizzards. Many of us can tackle each storm with confidence and preparation, while others see no hope. But why? Speaking from my own perspective, and the wisdom gained through the biblical reading, I can assure you that no…

  • Benefits of Vitamin D3

    Benefits of Vitamin D3

    Many of you may have heard about the benefits of Vitamin D3 during the coronavirus outbreak and the possible effects it has on increased lung function. But Vitamin D, otherwise known as the Sunshine Vitamin, is deemed a natural immune booster and an essential vitamin for overall wellness. The benefits of Vitamin D3 are robust,…

  • Raising a Teenager

    Raising a Teenager

    The teen years can be turbulent times for many families.  Phrases like ‘Go away – Leave me alone – I don’t care what you say – Why do you ask so many questions’ etc. are just a few of the phrases that you may hear from the mouths of your teens.  The teen years lead…

  • Make Today Count

    Make Today Count

    Every day is a gift from God, so make it count. If you knew that today was your last day on earth, how would you live it? What would you say? What would you do? So often in life, we take many things for granted, especially our family and friends. If you knew that today…

  • An Understanding Heart

    An Understanding Heart

    Today let’s focus on what it means to have an understanding heart. In today’s world, especially during the impeachment trial and civil unrest between two parties, we all need to stop for a moment and focus on understanding. Every morning, I turn to the bible for not only inspiration but guidance. Today I turned to…

  • Quiet the Mind

    Quiet the Mind

    When you focus on quieting your mind, you will bring balance to your life. Mindfulness meditation or prayer will work wonders for your everyday life. But what is it? Mindfulness meditation is when you live in the present. It is the act of quieting your thoughts. Do not focus on the past, nor the future…

  • Day 23: The Gift of Compassion

    Day 23: The Gift of Compassion

    Today, let’s focus on compassion. What is compassion? According to The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley – Compassion is “suffering together”. But why would suffering together be a gift?

  • Day 21 and 22: The Gifts of Books and Hugs

    Day 21 and 22: The Gifts of Books and Hugs

    Everyone loves a good book. Today, give someone a great book to read with a personalized note in it. Leave it in their mailbox or if it’s a family member, leave it in their room or under their pillow

  • Days 20:  The Gift of Patience

    Days 20: The Gift of Patience

    30 Days of Christmas Giving They say patience is a virtue for a reason. Patience may be one of the hardest gifts to give, but when you have it… give it! What is patience? It is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset (Google Dictionary). Quite often,…

  • Day 19: The Gift of Words

    Day 19: The Gift of Words

    Did you know that words could be a gift to others? Choosing what you say and how you say it matters. Did you ever walk past someone and say “Good Morning” but never look at the person? How about my all-time favorite, when you ask someone how they are doing in passing but never wait…