God Does Not Close Doors By Accident

As I drive in my car, I find myself listening to podcasts, youtube or audible books regularly. This morning I turned on Joel Olsteen, who said:

“God does not close doors by accident; He does it to prepare you for what is next”

Joel Olsteen

This statement is so profound and should be a prayer for many. God does not close doors by accident – ever! He always has a purpose for it. Sometimes we get so mad at God because we did not get the promotion we wanted or the job we interviewed for. Sometimes we cry for days because our boyfriend has broken up with us, or we did not win an important game. But if we truly understood that the closed door was an opportunity for something better, we would see a new hope. God created every one of us for a purpose. That closed door is part of that purpose. Maybe He did it because a better opportunity was coming, or maybe He did it to teach us a valuable life lesson of overcoming hurdles. Whatever the reason, KNOW that God has another door for you to open. Amen!

This Sunday is Easter Sunday (Resurrection Sunday), and what better time to put all of your faith in our God, and know that He never closes a door without a purpose. So next time that door closes, know that it was not an accident, but a purposefully closed door. God has a purpose for you, and remember that a closed door is only a stepping stone and something better is coming. Embrace it!

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