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  • Life is a Blessing

    Life is a Blessing

    The last month has been tough on many of us in my family. We’ve experienced grief that has never been witnessed before, at least not in my family. We lost a friend, a young friend, my nephew’s best friend, and our extended family member. We vacationed together, celebrated together, and certainly enjoyed God’s greatest gifts…

  • Change It Up

    Change It Up

    I was listening to a podcast yesterday by Denzel Washington, who inspires both the young and old. He said, “to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.” That one line had such an impact on me, it was like a light bulb went off

  • A Christian Perspective of of Buddha

    A Christian Perspective of of Buddha

    When Buddha spent those 40 days under that Bodhi Tree, he considered ‘All that is and All that will be’. He focused on the oneness with the universe. I take this to be the oneness with God.

  • God Does Not Close Doors By Accident

    God Does Not Close Doors By Accident

    As I drive in my car, I find myself listening to podcasts, youtube or audible books regularly. This morning I turned on Joel Olsteen, who said: “God does not close doors by accident; He does it to prepare you for what is next” Joel Olsteen This statement is so profound and should be a prayer…

  • When the Door Opens

    When the Door Opens

    As I sit here reading “This Just Speaks to Me” by Hoda Kotb, I can truly say it does speak to me. One quote that won’t leave my mind is this… No one can close the door that God has opened for you. Quite often we walk through life not knowing what direction to go,…

  • Unravel It

    Unravel It

    Stress… Anxiety… Anger…Tension…Headaches…Immune Disorders…Sickness…Worry…Fear! What are these? Symptoms of stress and a tangled brain. When our minds are tangled like a ball of string, a fine knotted necklace or a strand of tangled earplugs, then we feel unease. So the trick to gaining your mind back is unravel it… strand by strand. It may stress…

  • Poof… Anxiety is Gone!

    Poof… Anxiety is Gone!

    I was listening to a great YouTube video yesterday that made so much sense. I knew I had to share it with those of you who are experiencing anxiety, stress and depression. Not only do these three words cause emotional dismay but they wreak havoc on your health. This one quote that I heard was…

  • Don’t Dwell on Your Failure, Rise Up!

    Don’t Dwell on Your Failure, Rise Up!

    Maybe you “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve” but they are words of the past. If you tried something, and failed, then good for you. You are bigger than most, for trying. Dwelling on that failure, is not going to help you at all, in fact, it will only cause you more unnecessary demise. If you want to…

  • Just Finish It!

    Just Finish It!

    As we are wrapping up 2020, there is no better time then now to finish it! If you want to feel accomplished, reduce anxiety, find happiness, or know success than finish that task (or goal) you have been delaying. Although you may not realize it, that task or goal keeps tugging on your subconscious, subtly…

  • …And The Snow Always Melts

    …And The Snow Always Melts

    Today, across most of the east coast we were blessed with a snowstorm. It’s 7:00 am and the world is quiet except for the occasional plow that rolls by. Looking out the window is an image of peace, joy and comfort. The wind is swirling the snowflakes about, the trees are covered with white blankets…

  • It’s Beginning! Broken Gridlock

    It’s Beginning! Broken Gridlock

    My flight was delayed at Newark Airport, so I went to the restaurant for a drink, the bar was still closed for social distancing. My life was a constant whirlwind, so this was expected. “Can I order a glass of Pinot Grigio, please?” I asked the waitress. “Sure, I’ll bring that right out.” She said.…

  • You Write the Script

    You Write the Script

    We often walk through life with our heads down, depressed, sad, and feeling sorry for ourselves, but the reality is that you write your own script. It’s up to you to create your happiness, your outcome, and your life. God is the director, but we write the story. He has given us the tools to…

  • Today is a Gift: Thanksgiving 2020

    Today is a Gift: Thanksgiving 2020

    After completing the 30-Day Thanksgiving Day Challenge, we realize how many things we should all be thankful for each day. Many wonderful things in our life are overlooked, tossed aside, or under-appreciated because we are too busy to recognize our gifts. Today, on Thanksgiving, one of the most cherished holidays for many, let’s take the…

  • A Pain Unknown

    A Pain Unknown

    Some of us will never know the pain felt by those of color. After watching, the Bachelorette, as silly as this sounds, I understood and witnessed the true feelings of those trying to fit in. Sure, I know it’s TV and entertainment, but it is also genuine feelings of black people, who are trying to…

  • Perception: Flip the Switch

    Perception: Flip the Switch

    If there is one thing that you can change today, let it be your perception. Your perception can change your day from one of misery and stress to happiness and ease. It’s all in how you look at things. I’m sure you heard the question: Is the glass half empty or half full? This is…