…And The Snow Always Melts

Today, across most of the east coast we were blessed with a snowstorm. It’s 7:00 am and the world is quiet except for the occasional plow that rolls by. Looking out the window is an image of peace, joy and comfort. The wind is swirling the snowflakes about, the trees are covered with white blankets and life is picturesque, for a short time. Take this moment to sit quietly by the window and absorb the masterpiece. Because soon it will be a memory; the snow always melts.

A beautiful year-end snowfall to conclude 2020, is such a blessing. COVID-19, pandemics, childless classrooms, covered smiles, hugless holidays, lost jobs, elbow taps, empty churches, and an ugly election will one day all melt away, like snowflakes. Although like many snowstorms, the heart of the pandemic was extremely difficult for many people; it also provided blessings. Cleaner air, healthier choices, wellness initiatives, more family-time, old-fashioned game playing, more baking, more arts & crafts, home grown gardens, and possibly a new beginning. Maybe you need to be a glass half-full type of person, to appreciate 2020, but remember the snow always melts, as will the devastation from 2020. But the subtle beauty of it will remain. We learned lessons, we wrote history, we pivoted and we began to appreciate each other.

Remember although you may have faced the hardest year of your life, you also learned how to persevere, budget your money, safeguard your elders, care for the sick and appreciate essential workers. So today, enjoy the beauty of the snow and appreciate the lessons learned, because soon it will melt and provide food for the earth, as will 2020 and a new day will prevail.

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2 responses to “…And The Snow Always Melts”

  1. always love your stories very positivity


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