It’s Beginning! Broken Gridlock

My flight was delayed at Newark Airport, so I went to the restaurant for a drink, the bar was still closed for social distancing. My life was a constant whirlwind, so this was expected. “Can I order a glass of Pinot Grigio, please?” I asked the waitress. “Sure, I’ll bring that right out.” She said. I opened my briefcase, grabbed my laptop, and started writing. I hadn’t prepared my speech yet for tomorrow’s rally, so I figured this delay was the perfect time to actually begin my draft.

Good Morning, All. Today is a day like many others. “Nope,” I crossed that out. This speech has to be powerful; it has to be an ‘I Have A Dream Speech.’ So, I began again. “Today is a new day in America, a day where lives will face long-overdue victories, a day when color is joyous, and our kids will be proud. A day in the history books. A day where black lives will matter, as much as white lives. A day where women are equal to men, and a day to help us understand that all lives matter, born and unborn. A day to help those in need with the tools to help them succeed. Today, is a day of “Rising Up.” It will be a new era in our history books. A new president, a new year, and a new day. This 21st Day of January will now be named “Rising Up” Day, a day for all people to shine, rise above the negativity, and focus on positivity. So let’s give glory to God, and shout an Amen. Yes, let’s hear it loudly.” (In the background will be Andra Day’s song Rise Up pumping.) “Let’s give a shout out to the human race, let’s give a shout out to our brothers and sisters, let’s give an amen to the glory of God, and let’s pray for all humans. Fighting has to end; we need to Rise Up, hold hands, sing praises, and open up our hearts. Rise Up above hatred, and give peace a chance. This is Us! This is now, and this is love. Amen.”

Now that is my introduction speech! I closed up my laptop, took a sip of wine and looked up. Then walked in this handsome man, with cowboy boots, a flannel shirt, and tight jeans. My, oh my.. he’s was one good looking guy. He took a seat at the table next to me, and asked for a strong IPA and a hamburger deluxe. He looked over at me, tipped his hat to say hello and said “Ma’am.” I smiled.

I giddily looked over at him, “Was your flight delayed too?” I asked. “Yes, ma’am”, he said. “I’m pretty sure they’re all delayed, the storm is hitting hard in New Jersey.” He said with a smile. “Where are you headed?” I asked. “I’m going to Washington DC.”

“Oh really? Me too.” I said, smiling. And that is where it all began….

Guess what this is? You got it. It is the start of my new book. “Broken Gridlock” This book is about the struggles in America, and the two people who fought to to bring America together. Opposite sides of the aisle, on almost all political views, or at least that’s what they thought. Until they learned about each other.

If you haven’t had a chance to read my book, Unwavering Instinct, get your copy today. You can find it here.

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