Unravel It

Stress… Anxiety… Anger…Tension…Headaches…Immune Disorders…Sickness…Worry…Fear! What are these? Symptoms of stress and a tangled brain. When our minds are tangled like a ball of string, a fine knotted necklace or a strand of tangled earplugs, then we feel unease. So the trick to gaining your mind back is unravel it… strand by strand.

It may stress you out just thinking about the ball of knots, but when you finally separate that last knot you feel at peace. So how do you do it? For me, I find that starting every morning in quiet prayer works best. I do mindfulness meditation for 10 minutes every day, whether in my bed or on my couch – but I do it! I sit still, thinking about nothing but the moment. It is definitely hard at first, but you learn how to do it. This 10 minutes actually helps clear my mind, allowing me to face the day with more clarity.

Before you begin the unraveling process, think about all of the things that cause stress or worry in your life. Things that keep you up at night. For many people, it most always boils down to the money. I can honestly say that many people find it easy to talk to me, so I always lend an ear. Many of those people find that money is consuming their thoughts. How will they pay for college? How can they afford a new roof? How can they pay for their son’s car and the insurance? Heck, some of those folks can’t even afford to go out to dinner. Sometimes by listening to them, helps many of them release a bit of stress – like a weight is lifted off their shoulders. In fact, many times by simply talking to them, helps them begin the unraveling process.

So how do you unravel? Write it down! What is stressing you out? What are the simple steps that you can do to begin releasing this stress? Is it money, sickness, drug issues, children, aging parents, work, family, friends, or health issues that are causing you worry? Whatever is causing it – read about solutions, listen to podcasts, watch videos, talk to others and find a way to release it. Why? Because every time you learn something new, you slowly unravel a knot in the string.

So what seems to work for many… focusing on the why. Grab yourself a notebook and write down everything that is causing worry in your life. Now do something about each one of those tangled strings. But how?

  • Write it down
  • Listen to podcasts, videos and read books
  • Talk to others
  • Find simple solutions everyday
  • Practice mindfulness meditation to calm your mind
  • Exercise to release some stress
  • PRAY TO GOD for guidance
  • Know that you are not a victim, but a SURVIVOR

So make today, the start of your new life. In fact, what better day to start then Ash Wednesday. Pray for forgiveness and give your life to God, because through him all things are possible. He is our Rock, the true ‘Unravelor’ of all of our problems. You got this! Begin unraveling today, and know that God has your back!

NOTE: I am not a medical professional but only speak from personal experience, books read and my faith in God.

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