An Understanding Heart

Today let’s focus on what it means to have an understanding heart. In today’s world, especially during the impeachment trial and civil unrest between two parties, we all need to stop for a moment and focus on understanding. Every morning, I turn to the bible for not only inspiration but guidance. Today I turned to an old proverb:

The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge, but the mouth of fools feeds on foolishness.

Proverb 15:14

I reflected on this scripture and now understand its true meaning. When we have an understanding heart, we seek knowledge. In the USA, we have two primary political parties, who basically dislike each other, and in some instances, don’t even know why. If only they would take the time to understand each other, maybe they could find agreement. Yes, many Democrats do not like Pres. Trump because he comes across with a Zeus like approach. His ‘It’s my way or the highway’ attitude is setting many folks into disarray. Yet, the Republicans seem to like his approach because he is taking a strong stance on what he believes are American needs. Neither side wants to listen to the other. Republicans turn a deaf ear to Democrats, and Democrats turn a deaf ear to Republicans. Both parties believe that nothing the ‘other’ side says, is worth any merit. I am sure many of you reading this post sit on one side of the aisle or the other. But what if you choose to sit in the center aisle and do your research, about what you would like for America. Forget Nancy Pelosi, Mike Pence, Donald Trump, or Adam Schiff for one moment and seek your own understanding.

Now getting back to the very important proverb above. Biblical scholars believe that many of the Proverbs were written by King Solomon, under the direct wisdom from God between the tenth and sixth century b.c. Such ancient words, yet undeniable wisdom.

“The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge, but the mouth of fools feeds on foolishness”.

So when President Trump says:

I can assure you, that this tough, pompous attitude aggravates the Democrats. Let me explain what happens when words like these are tweeted. The Republicans believe it and share it on social media. The Democrats do not find one word of it truthful, yet they share it with derogatory comments. If you care about America, you should humbly and quietly do your research on the importance of many of the issues facing America today. We should not bash nor promote hatred. What we should be doing is promoting love. Remember, “Love Your Neighbor, as Yourself.” As Christians, this is the 2nd most fundamental law. We cannot claim to be Christians and defy the very nature of this law. It’s an oxymoron. I can assure you that this behavior above is not what God wants from us. And neither is the behavior in this video.

The disrespect of ripping up a State of the Union Speech on live TV is not a very loving thing to do. It came from a heart of hate, certainly not one of love. What are we doing to each other? My point is, for us to have an understanding heart, we need to seek more profound knowledge for ourselves. Tweets are not knowledge unless you investigate the facts. Facebook is not news unless you find the evidence. Do your homework with an open, loving heart. Before getting so politically angry and typing away ‘foolishness’ on social media, we should practice mindfulness training and ask ourselves, what good will come of this? The answer is usually, absolutely none! If we only learn to ask questions with an understanding heart, we may find a way to bring hope back to America. For instance, Republicans do like clean air, immigrants, and unions. And Democrats do like a strong military, immigration control, and corporations, but for some reason the opposing side wants to point out what separates them. What we need to do is seek understanding with an open mind and a loving heart. These two parties need to find common ground and do what is best for America.

What we, the people, are doing now is ‘feeding on foolishness.’ It is going to get us nowhere. Take the time to do your research and have an understanding heart. Listen to both sides of the aisle. Maybe they both want to reach the same destination, but the way to get there is different. We are not listening right now, and we are driving each other further apart.

For most of us, listening is a desired trait. We tend to talk over each other, focus on our wants, and seldom give each other “Level 5” listening. But when you give 100% of yourself to listening to what the other person is sharing with you, you will finally be giving others that understanding heart.

Take the time today to reflect on this proverb and focus on understanding. Listen to others. What are they saying? Do your research and gain a better understanding. Those who want to understand should seek knowledge, first!



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