Benefits of Vitamin D3

Many of you may have heard about the benefits of Vitamin D3 during the coronavirus outbreak and the possible effects it has on increased lung function. But Vitamin D, otherwise known as the Sunshine Vitamin, is deemed a natural immune booster and an essential vitamin for overall wellness. The benefits of Vitamin D3 are robust, so let’s focus on those benefits, as well as a few ways to incorporate them into your everyday routine. One of the simplest ways to get vitamin D is to go outside and absorb the sun’s beneficial rays. According to the experts, the optimal time to go outside is midday when the sun’s rays are at its strongest point. I’m not suggesting roasting for hours in the sun, but I am suggesting a mid-afternoon, lunchtime stroll to absorb those natural vitamins and breathe in some fresh air.

Although there are not many foods that supply Vitamin D, there are enough choices to allow you to get your daily dose. Some of the best food choices are fatty fish, especially salmon, tuna, swordfish, and mackerel. Suppose you are not a fish eater, no worries! You can also find this beneficial vitamin in ‘fortified’ milk, orange juice, and cereals. Some of my preferred, fortified cereal choices containing Vitamin D are Quaker Oats, Special K, and Rice Krispies. Several mornings per week, I find myself enjoying a bowl of cereal, with almond milk and a banana. You can opt for either dairy milk or almond milk, as both contain Vitamin D, but I prefer Almond. For those of you on ‘Clean Eating’ diets, you will be excited to know that eggs also provide 7% of the recommended daily Vitamin D dose. So you could opt for two eggs and a glass of fortified orange juice.

Many people in the United States are deficient in Vitamin D, so it is best to incorporate daily sunshine, proper food choices, and supplements. Doing all three should keep your Vitamin D levels on target. As for supplements, I prefer Spectraspray’s Vitamin D3 spray because I can spray it anytime, anywhere! I always have it in my purse, so I never forget to take it. And it has a 3X higher absorption rate than vitamins in the pill form. So for me, it’s a no brainer.

Now let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Vitamin D that may help in your overall health:

· Regulate Insulin Levels

· Helps The Body Absorb Calcium

· Improves Bone Health

· Increases Brain Function

· Helps Lung Function

· Supports Cardiovascular Health

· Muscle Strength

· Reduces Signs of Fatigue

· Prevents Headaches

· Healthy Bones

· May Help Reduce Depression

According to the Mayo Clinic, adults should take the recommended daily value of 600 IU per day; however, many experts suggest up to 4,000 IU’s per day are safe. There is no better time than now to start boosting your immune system.

For more information on Spectraspray vitamins go to www.Spectraspray.comThey also carry some great lifestyle supplement kits, one of my favorites is the Active Lifestyle Kit.

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