Essential Oils: Killing Viruses

Protect yourself from viruses this season. Here is a short list of some essential oils that have been known to kill viruses. Many people choose to use them topically on your skin, however if you do this you should use a carrier oil to dilute (ex. almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil). In fact, many stores now cell them in roll on bottles. You may also want to purchase a lava bracelet and put a few drops of essential oils on them daily. If you would like to purchase a lava bracelet let me know, I know a wonderful creator of lava bracelets!

As for a spray bottle, I personally like to make my own spray bottle with distilled water and essential oil (I use 20 drops of oil for every 2 oz. of water). I use this as a room spray.

Last but not least is the room diffuser. You should purchase a room diffuser and put a few drops of virus killing essential oils in it, along with some water and let it permeate your house. Your house is your safe place, so protect it.

Essential oils are no guarantee, but they have been known to help and I personally believe in them.

If you have any questions or would like a lava bracelet, please email me at Also, feel free to visit my partners page for great vendors of health related items.

Lava bracelets.

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