Don’t Lose Sleep

How many of you lose sleep at night because you are worried about your finances, your job, your kids, or some other fear? Do you know that those sleepless nights are wreaking havoc on your health? Do you know that that constant worry is not part of God’s plan?

Cast your burden on the Lord, And He shall sustain you.”

Psalm 55:22

Or how about this one,

You will keep him in perfect peace. Whose mind is stayed on You. Trust in the Lord forever, …..the Lord is everlasting strength.

Isaiah 26:3-4

We need to reflect on these two scriptures for a moment. Rather than tossing and turning all night, turn to God and give him your burden. He is our strength! He is telling us to trust in Him, and He will sustain us. 

The problem is, many people do not trust in Jesus. The same way a child has trust in his parent is the same way you have to trust Jesus, our father. Here is an example, when a mom says to her son, “I will pick you up from school today, so you don’t have to take the bus.” The son has no fear that his mom will not be there. He has no reason, not to believe her. He knows she will be there. That parental trust is the same trust that we need to have in Jesus. If he says, “give me your burden, and I will protect you,” He means it.  So give him your burden.

Some people find that keeping a journal on their nightstand is helpful for a good nights sleep. When something is keeping you awake at night, write it down in your journal and give it Jesus. Ask Him to guide you through it. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus, and he will be your strength.

Now for the health concerns of a restless nights sleep:

  • Causes moodiness and a quick temper
  • Weakens your immune system
  • Effects your body’s release of insulin
  • Risk of High Blood Pressure
  • Risk of Heart Disease
  • Ages your skin
  • Weight Gain
  • Emotional Issues – Anxiety and depression

So let’s think about this for a moment. Why not give our problems to God and know that he will help us? If we know worry and sleepless nights cause negative health issues, then for goodness sakes people, give your problems to God.

Following God’s plan, not only helps us on this earth, But will help us in our next life too.

This is what I call a no-brainer! Enjoy the Lenten season, and thank God for 8 hours of sleep. Our body’s way of regenerating itself, to better health.

One response to “Don’t Lose Sleep”

  1. Very good, thanks for the inspiration. These days I find it hard to process everything out of my head to go to sleep! Hence, a sleep aid! Yoga works too!


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