We All Need A War Room

No one has ever walked through life without challenges. However, we have an instruction manual, a king to follow and, a spirit to help us overcome any of life’s most fierce challenges. But what many of us don’t have is a ‘War Room’ to talk to God and hear his plan. For every challenge encountered, God will walk us through it, but we have to open our hearts, get on our knees and listen.

Like the bible, after watching the movie ‘War Room’ for the umpteenth time, I continue to learn something new every time. Watching this movie helps remind me that we cannot fix everything ourselves, we need God. Not only do we need God on the surface, but we need him to be the focus of our lives. We need him to create our battle plan to get through life’s most difficult challenges.

In that war room, you get on your knees and pray to God like nothing else matters. If your marriage is struggling, your children are in pain, your finances are nearing zero, or your health is slowly disintegrating – know that God can help. God is all-powerful! As he says, “Know that I am God.” So many people, only know God on the surface – they know he exists, they know his birthday, and his resurrection, and maybe they know about Palm Sunday. But if you want to really know GOD, it’s time to set up that WAR ROOM. Grab your bible, learn about GOD our Father, and thank Him for his blessings, pray for forgiveness and ask Him to open your hearts, eyes, and mind to the Holy Spirit. Sure this may sound ‘too religious’ for many, but when God becomes the focus of your life, everything, I mean EVERYTHING falls into place.

So what is a War Room? It is a place to ask God for help and ask him to create your battle plan. It is your room to get on your knees and pray. Pray with all of your heart, then move out of the way and let God do the work. When you have God on your side, every battle is won. With all of this being said, watch the movie “The War Room,” it may help bring this writing to life.

Watch the trailer here! https://youtu.be/mIl-XY9t_Lw

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