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  • When the Door Opens

    When the Door Opens

    As I sit here reading “This Just Speaks to Me” by Hoda Kotb, I can truly say it does speak to me. One quote that won’t leave my mind is this… No one can close the door that God has opened for you. Quite often we walk through life not knowing what direction to go,…

  • Nothing is Normal, Yet Everything is Normal

    Nothing is Normal, Yet Everything is Normal

    One thing we all gained from 2020 is that life can change in a snap. What we thought was unusual in 2019, is now normal. In 2019, if we saw someone wearing a hoodie, with a mask, we would have though imminent danger, yet today that look of imminent danger is normal. In 2019, a…

  • The Beauty of It All!

    The Beauty of It All!

    Day 2: Thanksgiving Challenge When the world around us has so much to see, yet we never take the time to look. On Day 2 of the Thanksgiving Challenge, let’s take the time to thank God for our vision and see the world around us. Without the gift of sight, we wouldn’t see the abundance…