Nothing is Normal, Yet Everything is Normal

One thing we all gained from 2020 is that life can change in a snap. What we thought was unusual in 2019, is now normal. In 2019, if we saw someone wearing a hoodie, with a mask, we would have though imminent danger, yet today that look of imminent danger is normal. In 2019, a popular restaurant with only 10 guests on a Friday night, was very unusual, yet today it’s routine – although not ideal. In 2019, free money from the government was a rarity; yet today it’s typical. Indeed this money was a dire need for many, yet prize money for few (…this will be a blog for another day).

What is absolutely normal today, is everything at the present moment. We should not take anything for granted, and definitely enjoy every moment of your normal. In 2021, make a commitment to see everything as normal, judge nothing and live in the moment. When we reflect on the past, or the future nothing will seem normal, but when you live in the moment – everything is exactly, as it should be.

This may seem far-fetched to those type-A, straight-laced, clear-cut rule followers, but trust me – living in the moment and focusing on the present – will provide you with a happier life, and definitely internal peace. In 2020, we witnessed a very unusual year, what I would like to now refer to as, a normal year. A normal year of ‘ups and downs’, ‘losses and winnings’, ‘death and life’, ‘black and white,’ ‘yes and no’s, ‘rights and lefts’… etc.. As with any year behind us, this will be a year in our history books, another dot on the timeline. What we need to learn, is that life is very normal – we live, we learn, we create, we share, and we die. It may seem a bit grim, but this is life and it’s normal.

So in 2021, focus on the present, enjoy your life, live in peace, love others and accept life, as it should be. Why? Because everything is normal! And remember, leave the judging to God.

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