Face Your Fear

Did you know that you could lead a happier, more successful life by facing your fear? It’s that simple! Take risks, face your fears and watch your life evolve. Many of us lose our true selves because rather than taking on the challenge, we walk the other way. Have you ever heard the saying “Slay the Dragon?” This means to stop fighting your internal fear, and overcome it. Overcome your fears, appreciate them and watch your true self grow. Fear only holds us back from becoming who we truly want to be. So how can you knock fear to it’s feet or better yet, how can we live happier by overcoming our fear?

What do you really want out of life? What would make you happy if nothing held you back? Is money, time, confidence, support or some other fear holding you back, from being you? If so, slay that fear by accepting it’s challenge and overcome it. Believe it or not, overcoming fear is a step forward on your journey to success. Fear is actually a gift from God, to help you overcome your struggles. It’s not easy, until you understand how to applaud it.

Think about this for a moment? How many times did you fear giving that oral presentation in school or learning how to ride your bike? How about passing the bar exam, or becoming an MD? All of these fears often hold people back, but once accomplished a dragon has been slain. Don’t you feel great, when you actually overcome your fear. Do you know that the only thing holding you back from becoming your true self, is YOU? You create your fears. So stop, it’s that easy! If you want to become a motivational speaker, but cringe at the thought of speaking in public, than just do it. Slay your fear.

Now with this being said, you can’t remove all fear, hence the reason for our amygdala, which is a crucial part of our brain to help us process fear. It helps steer us away from danger. For instance, you wouldn’t just walk off the edge of a cliff, your amygdala would tell you to STOP – because that is dangerous. A real danger! But speaking in public, or the fear of obtaining your PhD are superficial fears created by our own minds. It’s those fears we need to overcome. But just to make this a little more clear for you, a fear is a struggle, and your mind will always choose to steer away from struggle until you choose to take the detour (or slay the dragon). It’s like choosing easy vs. hard, certain vs uncertain or comfort vs. uncomfortable. But until you face your fears, you will never achieve that desired outcome you are hoping to achieve. If you want to live your happiest life, then you need to face your fear.

What do you want out of your life? What will make you happiest and live a blissful life? Find it, live it and learn to appreciate your fear because it only helps us grow.

For more ways to find happiness and lead a more fulfilling life follow my blog.

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