Day 7: The Gift of Friendship

The Gift of Friendship

The gift of friendship is probably one of my favorite gifts because everyone needs a friend. We spend most of our life with friends, whether old, new or those we haven’t met, yet. Friends are always there when you need to cry, laugh, scream or just be you. Everyone needs a friend.

Today, reach out to a friend and say “thank you” and let them know the impact they have made on your life. If you can dig a little deeper, reach out to a person who may need a friend. Sometimes they can be a family member, or someone who is struggling with something. Maybe it could be your neighbor who lost their husband and needs a shoulder to cry on.

Social Media is helpful in this aspect because many people post their struggles. They may be reaching out for help and this is their only way to ask for it. If you see someone struggling on social media, send them a direct message and ask them to meet for lunch or a walk. This small gesture of friendship may be all they need. So today, be a friend.

This post is dedicated to all of my friends – new friends, old friends and those I haven’t met yet.

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