Day 6: Give the Gift of Sweets

Everyone loves freshly baked cookies, cakes, or bread during the holiday season, especially when it comes from the heart. Grab your apron and turn on the oven – flour, sugar, and butter, oh my! A good friend of mine surprises us every year during the holidays. She makes this delicious pumpkin bread and personally delivers it to our mailbox with a sweet note. There is something magical about going to your mailbox and finding a sweet treat, rather than a dreaded bill. Sometimes small surprises, make a significant impact.

You can also surprise your local firemen, police officers, or EMT’s with a tray of sweet treats. They dedicate their time to keeping our communities safer and a better place to live. Bringing a tray of cookies to the station will undoubtedly make their day a little brighter

On Day 6 – Give the Gift of Sweets!

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