My Story: Body, Mind and Soul in Balance

Many people today are struggling with depression, anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, stress, and a host of other illnesses caused when our body, mind, and spirit are not aligned. There is no other creature on earth like that of the human. God created us with unique qualities to help us overcome many of our health and well-being issues, yet many of us never take the time to understand. Elliot Dacher’s wrote in his paper titled A Brief History of Mind-Body Medicine:

“When they are symmetrically developed and seamlessly interwoven a comprehensive and integral approach to health and healing occurs. To the contrary, when one aspect of existence, inner or outer, dominates one’s understanding and methodologies one has have a partial and limited capacity for well-being. That is the dilemma of modern times.”

Dacher, Elliot, A Brief History of Mind-Body Medicine, California Institute of Integral Studies, International Journal of Transpersonal Studies Vol. 33 Issue 1

What truly radiates in this quote is the fact that they must be in balance for optimal health. Although Dacher focuses on the Mind-Body connection, you will see where the Spirit plays a huge part in this trilogy.

You may hit the gym daily and think you are healthy but are you? You may look great on the outside, but how is the inside? Are you sad, stressed, hiding your emotions, angry, fatigued, popping Xanax, drinking away your worries, etc.? Sometimes, you may not even know that you are stressed until you begin balancing your mind. Are you sharp with your words? Do you anger quickly? Do you find yourself yelling more or extremely moody? Are you crying for no reason or sleeping more than usual? Are you finding it difficult to sleep? If any of these apply to you, then you need to balance your mind because this is the face of stress. And stress destroys you from the inside out.

I’ve spent a good part of my life in the fitness field working out at the gym, taking yoga, getting massages, fasting, eating clean, and then one day – I just stopped! Now let me tell you my story. My husband and I tried so hard to start a family, and for some reason, it wasn’t happening. I was on birth control pills for 12 years, mostly for severe cramping, but also to prevent having a baby in my twenties. I never wanted a baby until I was married, so I played it smart – at least I thought I did. For so many years, I subconsciously knew I did not want to have a baby, and this was ingrained in me. After getting married and finally wanting a baby, I threw away the birth control pills, and we began our long journey to start our family. We tried to have a baby for two years on our own, but nothing. Then we proceeded to a reproductive doctor for help. Through all of this, I always remember thinking the worst. I can’t get pregnant, I thought. I cried and cried and cried. Everyone around me was having babies. I was angry, jealous, and didn’t understand why God would do this to me. So after four months of Clomid nothing. We then took another route; our last hope was IVF. I was scared my body was changing, daily injections of reproductive meds, getting to the Dr.s office at 6 am for checkups, bloodwork, etc.

All I kept thinking to myself was, “what if this doesn’t work?” I cried daily. The increased hormones, the fear, the anticipation, and the thoughts that I would never have kids crossed my mind continuously, and then the day came when the office called with my results. “Mrs. Leppard, I am calling with your pregnancy results. I am so sorry but you are not pregnant. But you can still try again through your insurance”. I said, “thank you for letting me know,” and I sat on the floor and cried. I called my husband to let him know the results, but as my usual optimistic self, I put a smile on and told him the news. I said, “we can always try again.”

That next week I called the doctor’s office and set up a new round of IVF. However, this time, during this IVF round, I prayed and asked many friends to pray for us. I also reached out to a good friend of mine, who helped me with Mindfulness Meditation. Something happened that day that turned my whole life around. She helped me understand my energy. We did visualization, we prayed, we meditated, and for the first time, I saw my daughter in my vision. The energy that Ro provided me that day was profound. She was Jesus’ answer to my prayers. She helped me understand what the Mind-Spirit connection was all about. Through God’s help, I practiced seeing Sarah in my visions every day, during meditation and prayer. There was no mistaking it; she was on her way. I thanked Jesus every day! My life is in his hands and on his time. Sometimes you wonder why people come into your life, or why things happen the way they do, but know for sure that it is God’s Plan.

A few weeks later, the office called and said: “Mrs. Leppard, you are going to have a baby.” I cried again, but this time, cries of joy. I called my husband, and he cried. Together we knew we were going to have a baby. Our baby.

The reason I am telling this heartfelt story is that the Mind-Body-Spirit connection is inside every one of us. We have to sync all of them for optimal wellness. So how do you do this? Today this story was to help you understand how the Mind, Body, and Spirit are all connected. First, you need to understand a few things. You need to know that all things are possible through God. You should also learn and practice the laws of attraction. The laws of attraction say that the energy you put out into the universe is the same energy you will receive. But just thinking it isn’t enough. You need to sync all three parts. Wanting a baby wasn’t good enough. I had to change my mind frame to believe that we were going to have a baby. I saw Sarah in my mind, and the energy that I finally put out there was “belief.” I knew my body, mind, and spirit were in sync. I felt it! If you are depressed, anxious, sick or have any issue depleting you, make the commitment to try. I am by no means an expert in this field, but I can tell you that when they are in sync, positive energy flows.

I find that practicing morning mindfulness meditations, set my day in action. I pray, I meditate, and I listen to the sounds of nature. Some people choose prayers, some mantras, and some just focus on the present. But whatever you do and whatever you feel, let love and positive energy be the end-result. (Read my blog about the laws of attraction to learn more). 

Fine tune your body. Exercise, eat right and know your weaknesses. Listen to your body, what does it need? The more mindfulness meditation that I do, the more I know my body. Feel it. See it and work on it.

The spirit/soul is what I like to call our energy. Science knows it, religions preach it, and now you know it. Our spirit drives us. Our soul is the energy force that flows through us. In Chinese and Japanese culture, that force is known as qi. In India, it is known as prana, and in science, it is known as energy. Science says that energy can never be lost but converted from one source to another. We, humans, have energy, its our life force. We can influence our energy flow by implementing physical and mental awareness. This awareness can bring about profound results in our lives. Commit today. Find your mind, body, and spirit balance and become a healthier you.

And today, my family has been blessed with three unbelievable children – all gifts from God. On his time. There is no better life than following God’s plan. Oh and as far as my fitness, health and wellness are going – I’m back and feeling great again!

Follow my blog to learn more about following God’s Plan and better understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection.

2 responses to “My Story: Body, Mind and Soul in Balance”

  1. Absolutely loved this ❤️ I always say I’m gonna be more mindful and talk to God be more patient a d listen to what he is saying to me but I never do it. This is exactly what I needed to read tonight. Thank you Michelle 😊


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